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  1. janice

    Sounds like the start of a collection. Do people write more notes in the country? Like ” John C.” leaving you a note to lock your doors. Not sure if everyone that comes into a stranger’s house while they are out, takes the time to write.

  2. Walter KurtZ

    Your article really came together beautifully. Very insightful. At strip clubs and other small preformances I have noticed the same thing. People are trying so hard to pretend they are not even there, I always found it strange. Like.. your fucking there! show some appreciation fuckers. So rude and disconnected. It ties in perfectly with that metamodern art article as well- if you give preformers energy to bounce off they will generally preform better anyways. Give and take. We must oscillate with our performers! I can’t wait to find a spectator to burn at your next celebration.

  3. Töad Goes To an Opeth Concert

    Last night I went to an Opeth concert and the lead singer made this 2 minute+ long speech on ‘Stop watching the concert through your cellphones / cameras and enjoy the show!’ And the amount of people filming the whole speech was insane. 2 people directly in front of me filmed it, even as he went on pointing / calling out people in the crowd that were filming, never looking away from their screens. Were they even listening? It was hard to tell. Regardless it was a great concert, but I found myself increasingly tempted to smash into people filming in hopes to knock the camera from their hands, which I believe should be the new standard for all concert goers.

  4. King Töad

    Well said, but you left out the most important rule:

    * Do not crush your beer cans, so doing makes it impossible to return them for the 5 cent beverage can deposit.

  5. Adrian Kimble

    Not bloody likely, Kurtz! Comrade Willard and I are coming up river to sort you out, counterrevolutionary ingrate. Viva Zapata, viva Chiapas, viva Toad Meadow, viva la revolution!

  6. war zone

    I nominate adrian kimble for our first official family oriented human sacrifice…if not that then possible the fall castration ceremony.

  7. Nana

    Perhaps this can be attributed to there being more people in North America who are avid Facebook users, as well as a cultural taboo surrounding the discussion of sexuality in some Middle Eastern countries?

  8. Nana

    One may also consider the time frames regarding the rise of Facebook and the rise of twerking in the internet media and subsequent mindspace of Facebook users

  9. Sherlock

    I think belly dancing is a wonderful art showcasing beautiful women of all body types with hundreds of years of culture and tradition I believe that twerking is a fad just like disco dancing

  10. nebraskathunderfuck

    Mabey we should plaster a big canvass or effigy in dollar bills and burn it in front of them while they dance so they know its not personal

  11. Nebraska thunderfuck

    I played the coqui whistle loop on loudspeaker at work and boy oh boy was that a good idea. Myself, my coworker, the hostess, waiter, my boss, and a family of four trying to have a family meal together all simultaneously came within the first ten seconds of airtime. The mother of the family ran out of the resteraunt screaming, the hostess began crying uncontrollably, and my boss closed the resteraunt for the rest of the day so he could go change his pants. Now I have the night off so I can go drink wine and watch toad porn. A+!

    1. King Toad

      Indeed! Although bioacoustics is still a new field of study, it shows immense promise, as your experience at work so clearly demonstrates.

  12. Crackerjack

    Do you have what it takes to lead a leaderless gathering of Töads? How does that work exactly? How do you keep your human ego in check when throngs of Töads are screaming, “All hail the Töad King?” I for one, reject your proclamation as the autocratic potentate of this new world order. I will not follow you blindly like a sheep to the slaughter; lapping up your indoctrination of the eager masses. Unless of course there will be candy there, then I’m totally cool. Will there be candy?

  13. Walter e kurtz

    Have you ever considered any real freedoms? Freedom from the opinions of others…even the opinions of yourself? Toad Meadow is the first place outside the deep Cambodian jungle I have been able to experience this… freedom; and I implore each and every one of you to witness this perverse form of magic for yourselves. Toad Meadow makes the impossible possible, and dreams a reality.

  14. shardy

    pyrotechnics for fun and more fun is right. enough space and isolation to try new things and get some pyro experience beyond just flame effects. it’s always great when (mostly) responsible people get together and have a place to try things that they wouldn’t ever be allowed to elsewhere.

    burns are no longer the “anything goes” places to experiment – they’re too big, getting too popular. more personal responsibility and less rules lead to more interesting creations.

  15. Inky Stains

    i just heard some good things about Toad Meadow from some Canadian burners, would like to know more, joined the mailing list, and want to bridge whatever gap between the Buffalo area and the Boston area! We have a great 12 year-old regional burn in VT called Firefly every 4th of July weekend/week that is a great place for makers, magicians, and pyros as well.

    Also I create vector art, and am an adobe wizard – I may be down to help in that area as I saw mentioned on this site. I photo-retouch, trace, and composite images on an expert level too if that helps.
    My wife Courtney and I may try and attend the next event in October, but either way, please reach out if help is needed on any projects requiring my skills.

    Keep up the good work, toads!

  16. The Baroness (aka Debi)

    I really want to commit to this. My 2 reservations are time and money.

    I will speak to my boss to see if I can get time off work. It’s highly likely that I will only have Friday off, so I will need to come back to reality on Sunday meaning if the camp stays through Monday I won’t be there to help with break down.

    Secondly is that this is a particularly tight time for my finances as my way-too-GD-high NYS property and school taxes are due at the end of Jan. and Feb. If enough other people are in, I will make it work. Like a peer pressure thing.

    1. King Töad

      If we can get close to 10 people, we’re talking likely camp dues at $80 per person to go to infrastructure.

      So most useful would be if other people say, “I am in so long as it’s less than $XX per person.

      Thanks for your feedback. Remember to share this blog post + password with other possibly interested parties (partiers).

  17. Racewar (MC)

    This looks awesome.
    I’d figure other costs to be: the ticket $50, food $50, travel $50, other party supplies $100, so 5 days, 4 nights for around $350.
    If I secure a few more details, Im totally in.

  18. Jefferson

    Morning Your Warted Highness,

    I discussed this with Question Mark this past weekend, and am interested in attending.

    My current limitation is the AVN Porn Expo & Awards, which goes on Jan 20-23, and which may result in my being in the LA area during the Frostburn window.

    I will know my status by Jan 26, 2016. The Canadian contingent is aware of this situation. If in attendance, I’ll be in accord with their stealthy, albeit Canadian movements.

    Bowie was gay,

  19. Alexei

    Hey people, I am definitely down for this. My only thing is that I do snow plowing, and I WILL BAIL if there is a snow storm in the forecast for the Frost burn weekend. Other than that count me in! Shit yeah fuckers

  20. Christian D'Anna

    I am excited to become a Toad! My name is Chevayo and I will be at the Meadow tonight and for the weekend . I have much character and in tye process of finding the creative spirit within me. My hopes are that I fulfil that spiritual skill by meeting other that are “on the level, and beyond”. My good friends are Luke and Alexa, they gave the invite. Yet I was told last minute about this website lol and that I am to mention me coming along. Thank you for the given opportunity to be who we really are!.
    Much love from me to you! #ToadMeadowRising

  21. Peter Dennis

    Damon… Here’s the thing. You know your “art” is going to upset (some) people. But those people are still people, members of our community, and their wellbeing is important. You need to understand that. And when you use the term “upset” you need to realize that what those people are experiencing goes far beyond being upset. It can be triggering in ways that could result in lasting emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma. This isn’t a laughing matter. This isn’t funny ha ha. This isn’t even a free speech thing, or a “this is art and some people just won’t like it” thing. You could easily choose to create a piece of fire art that won’t trigger and upset people, and you intentionally and willfully choose not to do so. You hurt people, intentionally, willfully, and repeatedly. It’s thoughtless, unkind, cruel, and heartless. Maybe that’s who you are. If it is, I genuinely feel sorry for you. If it’s not, you need to wake up to the way you’re hurting people, and chart a new course.

    Please stop. It’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s really disturbing.

  22. Alexandra

    You asked me to post this from a conversation in Facebook:

    I asked you if you had considered the way it might impact people, since it has clear associations with the KKK, intentional or otherwise. I’m still not at all sure that you have. You seem to think this is a question of opinions. That we’re having a useful dialogue about art and censorship. What I asked you about, and what most of the people on here want to know about, is not opinions. It’s deep, visceral feelings of fear and anger dredged up by being confronted with such imagery. It’s trauma. I believe in art, and it’s power to challenge our perception of the world. I believe that people and community are more important. If I was an artist, and I was told my artwork was traumatic for some, I would really have to take a moment to consider if my persistence in displaying such a piece was really worth it. I have to conclude that either you have not fully considered the impact of this piece, or, as some have conjectured, you just don’t care.

  23. Tim (Hug Inspector) Crawford

    It’s an uninteresting piece of art, prob because I’m not a metal head. I support your right to show it. I hope that anyone who is at a burn and is traumatized talks to you about it or goes to sanctuary. How about coming up with a new peice for the zealots to find some offensive meaning behind….but please keep bringing your art to burns….Just better ones :p

  24. Sara Dipity

    Or you could have created a separate space for it, knowing it could be traumatic for some. I realize you think you shouldn’t have to kowtow to people who aren’t willing to speak to you. But you should also realize that some people aren’t willing to speak to you because you have produced art that fits into a historically real cycle of violence against their very personhood, and they shouldn’t have to be confronting that at a burn.

  25. Steph Compton

    I appreciate you, Damon. I appreciate your persistence and patience. You’re teaching all or us something about ourselves. You’re challenging our beliefs and forcing us to explain why we have them and you’re very brave and risky for doing so.

  26. SoundWave Fred

    If I may, heads up on that “but it’s an upside-down cross” point you keep making: If I turn a middle finger salute upside-down, I’m still saying fuck you. Turning over a burning cross doesn’t dilute the malevolent nature of it for everyone. Especially people who aren’t familiar with the various strains of death and black metal. Myself, I have learned and played most of the metal guitar riffs that emerged in the 70s to 90s when I was still digging it out loud. So, I kinda know where you’re coming from… but…

    A burning cross is highly frowned-upon in this country for a bunch of very solid, disgusting reasons. Some people don’t want to walk over in the dark and hope for the best. That’s really shouldn’t be rocket surgery to sentient North Americans. Cheers!

  27. Quentin Davis

    Lets see. My basic feeling is that I wish this much debate was over a piece that was more fully realized. But having read your intentions I have to admit that I’d rather we all just chilled out and let you display your “art”. Unfortunately the appropriate response should be “meh”. I just wish that your cross was more elaborate. I mean go for it dude. If you really want to invest this much energy then really give us something we can love to hate. And to everyone else… oh my god! chill the fuck out. Your imagination is commendable. Really, you see Hate speach… wow. Michaelangelo is rolling in his grave. The man struggled his whole life chiseling granite to try to express something but you see soooooo much meaning in this?????Really? smoke some weed and relax.Jeez!