Amphibian Lost and Found

Please forward this page to any friends that were at Amphibian 15:1 and ask if any of this belongs to them. You can claim stuff in the comments, or any other way you think to get a hold of me.

Female shoulder bag

Female Shoulder Bag

It is empty, but a nice bag.

Petzl Headlamp

Petzl Head Lamp

Emphasis on the “Pet-“zel

Steampunk Whiskey Flask

Steampunk Whiskey Flask

Still has some whiskey in it…for now.

Blue Jacket

Blue Jacket

It smells interesting

Broken lounge chair

Broken Lounge Chair

“Our lawn chair broke. We’ll just leave it for Damon. It can be our contribution, LOL!”

Nice Crescent Wrench

Nice Crescent Wrench

It’s a nice wrench. I hope the owner is never found.

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