Friends of Töad Meädow


Below you’ll find a list of organizations and people that have helped us in the past, or exhibit qualities that Töad Meädow admires.

Pyromancy – Buffalo’s best fire dancing and performance troupe.
The Foundry – Encourages entrepreneurs and small businesses. Rents affordable square footage to startups. The Foundry also houses Buffalo Lab and offers workshops.
Buffalo Lab – Buffalo’s “hackerspace.” They welcome and support people of all skill levels that want to learn about electronics, programming, 3D printing &c. &c.
Spun Out Fire Productions – With far-reaching influence in several states, SOFP promotes events encouraging excellence in fire & flow performance. In addition to local events, they host a yearly Nights of Fire retreat for such performers.
Site 3 Colaboratory – Based in Toronto, they are a hackerspace offering equipment and classes. A few of their members have offered priceless support and expertise to help us pull off some stupid shit.
Springville Center for the Arts – Our closest artistic neighbors. They not only tolerate us; they encourage us!

More people and groups added as we think of them.

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