Monthly Archives: March 2016

Luck of the Töads: At Buffalo’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a crowning moment for Töad Meädow. We finally took the art car to the streets! This was no small feat. Four days before the parade, the art car’s engine blew up. Töads worked tirelessly morning, noon, and night to install a new engine, prepare the trailer, and put finishing touches on the art car, and we made it—Töad Meädow style. Continue reading

Bicycle Vaporization – A Great Leap Forward for Bicycle Holocaust

The March Art Build weekend was highly successful. Töads came from Toronto, Maryland, and all across New Amsterdam. Our goals were to continue working on the spring effigy, put the finishing touches on the art car, and vaporize a bicycle. All of this would help us prepare for Amphibian 16:1, the Buffalo Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Bicycle Holocaust, respectively. Continue reading

The Story of a Töad Meädow Newbie

I first learned about Töad Meädow last summer. I viewed the page, liked what I saw, and “liked” it on Facebook. I periodically saw pictures and videos pop up in my newsfeed, and the Art Build Weekends really caught my attention. They looked like an incredible time, but they also looked intimidating. Everyone seemed to know each other. Everyone appeared to be highly creative with extensive experience with tools I’d never even seen before. So, even though I’d see the upcoming events, I never attended any of them.

That changed with the February Art Build. Continue reading