Totem Pole

The totem pole

Every great idea needs an icon. It needs an imposing object, a shining lighthouse to guide the psyche of those lost among a world of distracting thoughts. A proper icon rallies and inspires people.

In the late summer of 2014, Töad Meädow denizens undertook the creation of such an icon and started work on our totem pole. Structural construction of the totem pole concluded in October 2014. It now awaits more artistic carresses. Standing 18′ tall, our totem pole will eventually be covered with many artists’ designs, stuffed full of firewood and then burned over and over again at our celebrations of reality.


Sun Mones & I first conceived of the totem pole and it would have never been built without his enthusiastic urging and support. He did much of the structural planning and oversaw the welding.

Dave Woodward is a tattoo artist that works at Imperial Art Studio in Tonawanda, NY. This time, he decided to try carving his creation into metal instead of muscle and made the bull that you see here.

Are you involved?

The totem pole was always meant to be a collaborative work, so we welcome ideas and hands-on assistance. We can cut designs into barrels, or fabricate them in the shop and then stick them to the outside. And by “stick,” we mean “weld.” With lots of metal-melting electricity. This is a big pole (“that’s what he said!”), and the more people involved the better it will be. No experience necessary. Get in touch. We don’t bite often.

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