Video Art

Töad Meädow has always been omni-disciplinary, but in late 2015 and 2016, we started taking our video artwork more seriously. Below you’ll find some of the better video productions we’ve produced.

Currently, (September 2016) we are writing the plot for a surreal short film. If you’re interested in being an actor, actress, dancer, camera operator, audio operator, editor or want to contribute to future projects in any way, then contact us and we’ll alert you when you can use your talents. And even if you don’t think you have talents, Töad Meädow is here to give you an opportunity to practice and learn alongside more experienced people. So the bottom line is, if you think it sounds fun and you want to help, let us know. We need bodies. You may be surprised at how much you can help, even just doing “simple” things.

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How to Make Cucumber Sandwiches

Inspired by the Brexit Vote in June 2016, Töad Meädow invented a new genre of film: political surrealism. Watch the below 6-minute video to see how we artistically interpreted this historic vote, Töad Meädow Style.

Best Way to Make Egg Nog

Full of Christmas Spirit, we recorded a “how to” video about making egg nog in December, 2015. This video is the precursor to the Cucumber Sandwich video above.

Other videos

We often post highlight videos of our various gatherings, such as Amphibian or the Art Build Weekends. Sometimes, we’ll get a flash of inspiration and will record footage for a new project by the seat of our pants. To see all those, be sure to subscribe and follow our YouTube channel.

How you can help

As mentioned earlier, if you are interested in helping with future films in any capacity, let us know through the contact page. Even if you think that you have no skills, you can learn to hold an audio recorder or a camera in about 5 minutes and you can be a part of our future creations.

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