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Belly dance vs. twerking: The raw numbers!

Dabbling in online outreach

After an arduous planning session with top Töads, it was decreed that the Meädow needs even more feminine energy. Since none of the Töads present had any experience with online advertising, we decided that online advertising is the best way to achieve this objective.

Facebook ad campaigns let you target your ads to a ridiculously specific audience. While deciding where to target your ads, Facebook tells you the potential reach of your ads.

Now for the hard numbers….

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Cell Phone Addiction, not Belly Dancers, Will Ignite the Revolution

There is trouble afoot in the Meädow of the Töads. Firstly, there has been a counterrevolutionary coup led by a bourgeois ingrate, “King Töad!” Secondly, this “King Töad” has denigrated our fellow revolutionaries for having the temerity to passively view cultural appropriators masquerading as belly dancers. Well hashtag this, King Töad, you bourgeois bastard! The passive resistance is coming to end your White Russian style counterrevolution!

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Töads versus the Spectator Society: Lessons Learned at the Belly Dance Saloon

Our friend Chris de la Töad just had a birthday, and the Töad Code commands us to celebrate at times like this. Chris’s understanding wife volunteered to take care of their tadpole for the night, and thus our small group was free to go in search of live girls.

We found ourselves at Habibi of the Nile for Belly Dancing Night.

Belly dancing is the sexiest entertainment that you can talk about openly at family dinners or other family functions, like funerals. Belly dancing appeals to men and women of all ages. Anyone with a spark of life in them has no choice but to enjoy belly dancers.

Joie de belly dance…

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