The Dragon

Though this fantastic piece does not reside at Töad Meädow, it does embody what we’re about. It can be found along Route 219 in Ashford, NY at the Real Stuff Gallery and Gifts shop. Three years ago, metalworker Paul Boccolucci built the dragon from recycled steel. He knew at the time he made it that one day this magnificent creature must breathe fire to realize its potential.

For the next three years, the dragon sat idly in the yard, calmly watching over the sculpture garden and delighting countless visitors and their children. Paul searched in vain for someone with the expertise to install a fire breathing system.

Then one day, through the grapevine, I heard of Paul’s vision and I seized the opportunity to play a small part in bolstering the local climate for cool artwork. Paul and I worked together and what you see here is what we have produced so far.

Future planned upgrades

  • Add electronic control to the fire system to allow remote control triggering
  • Paint the dragon

Fire Face


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