Lost and Found: Deer season edition

Lost Buck


This note appeared on my door where I found it upon returning from out of town. So I called the guy. He was very appreciative that I called and he explained that he’d lost a good buck but didn’t want to trespass to find it. I invited him down and when he showed up, he got out of his truck and handed me a $20 gift certificate to a nearby restaurant. We took the dog and walked to where he had last seen the buck. The blood trail was obscured by the snow, but the dog soon started digging and turned up some blood. We followed the trail and found that it ended at the creek. Unfortunately, the deer apparently tried to go swimming. But at least we now have closure and know where it went. The dog and I have made a new friend also secured some hunting privileges in primo turkey and squirrel territory.

One thought on “Lost and Found: Deer season edition

  1. janice

    Sounds like the start of a collection. Do people write more notes in the country? Like ” John C.” leaving you a note to lock your doors. Not sure if everyone that comes into a stranger’s house while they are out, takes the time to write.


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