Monthly Art Build Weekends

We recently implemented a monthly art build weekend to steer the direction of the Meadow. Previously, we focused on our Amphibian celebrations to revel in all that we do. While we expect that Amphibian will continue to be the most action-packed flurry of activity, we realized that by planning and working ahead, we can attain greater artistic victories while having more fun more often.

To see reports and photos on past art build weekends, check out the Art Build Weekend blog category.

What it boils down to is that we will now gradually build our art in the months leading up to the Amphibian celebrations, rather than doing everything allatonceintwodayslet’sblowitallup as we have in the past.

What to expect (and how to prepare)

So you’re thinking of dipping your toe in the water and want to know more about what to expect at an art build weekend?

They typically run from Friday through Sunday. People come and go as they please and some people only stay for a few hours. Dates for the next several weekends are posted on our home page.

Friday – 6:00pm onwards

People start showing up after work. Eating, drinking, merriment, and some shop time happens.

Depending on the weather, we may have a bonfire.


9:00am Coffee gets drunk. If there’s food (did you bring anything?), someone usually volunteers to cook it and we eat.

After breakfast we work on our art projects. There are always Töad Meädow house projects to work on, but if someone brings something they want to work on, then we will do that. Eating, drinking and merriment happen. This carries on until…

8:00pm (or so): By now people are mostly hanging around chewing the fat. Some work may or may not continue to get done.

Some people come out for a few hours on Saturday, and some people stay the night.


It’s a lot like Saturday. Most people are gone by 4:00.


Toad Meadow is 35 minutes south of Buffalo City Hall. Contact us for more details.

Amenities, LOL!

Do you think this is a resort? If you want a full weekend of building, you can crash on the floor in the house or fight other Töads for space on one of the couches. Or just pop in for a few hours and then go back to your own house. Bring some food, whether it be a crock full of chile or a carton of eggs. There is a full kitchen to turn food into a meal. Indoor plumbing is provided. The shop spaces are heated. Tools and a variety of building materials are here.

You should probably bring liquor, food and a ground pad / blankets for sleeping. Although a lot of this stuff could probably be provided to you, it’s better for everyone if you take care of your own needs. There is a restaurant in easy walking distance.

History and Future

Monthly Art Build Weekends started in August of 2015. An they continue to grow more popular, they will be used to screen for people that get invited to our Amphibian celebrations.

To see reports and photos on past art build weekends, check out the Art Build Weekend blog category.