Attention: We understand many of you have short attention spans and don’t like words. So for photos and videos of the pinnacle of what we do, have a look at our past Amphibian celebrations. You’ll have to click on the specific ones to see photos and video from it. Our Facebook page also has a good photo library.

Teh Vision

Töad Meädow was established to provide a safe space for the expression of chaos and creativity. We are a budding arts and lifestyle, memberless collective with the goal of providing a temporary autonomous zone that fosters uncensored expression and enables challenging ideas to be manifested in reality.

Three times per year, we host a multi-day celebration of reality and human potential. During these celebrations, we gather with those that understand our values and we share appreciation for each others’ works.

365/52/24/7 we act as a locus to put disparate doers with dreams together with the aim of enabling them to achieve what they want.Töad Stare

Töad Meädow is located 40 minutes south of Buffalo, New York.

Our Values

  • Confident individualism
  • Mutual assistance
  • Actions over words
  • Aesthetic extremism
  • Active participation in all aspects of life
  • Enthusiastic assumption of responsibility for one’s own interests
  • Free sharing of skills and knowledge
  • Achieving goals through decentralized, leaderless coöperation.

Our capabilities

A variety of tools and knowledge resides at Töad Meädow. We have all manner of hand tools as well as metalworking and some woodworking tools. Additionally, we have tools for construction and diagnostics of electronic projects. There is ample space to work on large scale pieces.
We also have a 16 horsepower utility art car that can be decorated or used to tow large artwork.

Our talent network

Töad Meädow has a panoply of people in its network who are eager to share their skills. Among our specialties are:

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Electronics design and automation
  • Metalworking
  • Small engine mechanics
  • Musicianship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Building construction & maintenance

We currently need more people with skills in carpentry and visual arts, especially vector graphics.

And what about you?

We encourage you to browse our site. Get a sense of what we’re about. If it appeals to you, then we invite you to get in contact with King Töad and introduce yourself. We welcome and enjoy dynamic individuals that want to laugh, learn, play and create.