The Töad Cross

This flaming sculpture was one of the earliest works of the Töad King when he first started making fire art. After it has been running for a while, the steel pipes that make up the sculpture emit a pleasant radiant heat that has warmed thousands of bodies at various stops along its tour of art festivals.

This piece is actually untitled. We have taken to calling it “The Töad Cross” because we had to call it something given that it’s talked about so much.

The fact that it has been censored twice at two different Burning Man-sanctioned burns always leads to deep philosophical discussions for those who are into those sorts of things (many people aren’t).

It was censored once because a few religious people considered it satanic and anti-religious. The second time it was banned was because someone thought the piece constitutes “hate speech.”

Nobody can agree on what it means, but they do agree that it should be banned. The opinions of the thousands of people who have seen and enjoyed it do not count.

This piece is for sale: $4000 includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Also includes all hoses, regulators and hardware needed for installation. POL fitting connects to a standard 20# propane tank or larger.

Töad Cross ~ North American Tour

  • Coming soon: A Regional Burn near you!
  • October, 2018: Constellation (West Virginia)
  • September/October, 2017: Constellation 
  • July, 2017: POrtal Burn (Banned)
  • August/September 2014: Burning Man (Nevada)
  • July 2014: Transformus (North Carolina)
  • July 2013: Transformus
  • June 2012: Freeform Arts Festival (New Jersey)
  • February 2012: Frostburn (Pennsylvania)
  • October 2011: Public debut, Playa del Fuego (Banned)