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Join us for the Töad Meädow Film Festival!

As part of the Buffalo Infringement Festival, the Töads will be erecting a hexayurt and using the space to play locally-produced short films.

Details are here.

Meet us

We’ll be at the yurt theater on Saturday and Sunday. We’re always looking for any sort of artist who wants to collaboratively create stuff. If you’re into acting, makeup, video editing, camera operation or anything else, have a look at what we’ve been doing.

What we’re showing

We’ll have the world premiere of 2 new films as well as showing some of the old classics that you may have seen before on our youtube channel.

Where and when?

Our films will be shown 3 different times during Infringement.

Saturday, July 30th 2:00 – 2:45pm. Other local films showing until 6:00

Location: on the lawn at the Nickle City Housing Co-Op. 208 North Street, Buffalo.

Sunday, July 31 10:15 – 11:00am.

Location: on the lawn at the Nickle City Housing Co-Op. 208 North Street, Buffalo.

There will be films playing from 10am – 6pm.

Wednesday, August 3 7:00 – 9:00pm

Location: The Could be Wild Building. 41 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo.

Luck of the Töads: At Buffalo’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a crowning moment for Töad Meädow. We finally took the art car to the streets! This was no small feat. Four days before the parade, the art car’s engine blew up. Töads worked tirelessly morning, noon, and night to install a new engine, prepare the trailer, and put finishing touches on the art car, and we made it—Töad Meädow style. Continue reading

Haikus a la Carte

So we’re partying at the World Maker Faire and Lisa, rolls up. She’s with The Haiku Guys, sits down with a typewriter and  busts out 4 personal haikus for us.

It was intimate, magical and accurate, in an astrological sort of way.

Following are the haikus received by the various Töads. Much internet appreciation sent to our personal Haikuist Lisa, as well as all the Haiku Guys.

in the dressing room
try out different positions
stretch out the tight spots

wandering tribesman
synched [sic] up on a wide system
wider ancestors

on our lily pads
we don’t see the feathered roots
in the murky lake

burn the bill of rights
we will make it anyway
with duct tape and wire

Three cheers for the fucking haiku guys!!! They made our first night at the world maker faire as memorable as burning an original copy of the Bill of Rights!

What you missed: Töad Gathering on February 29 AAR

AAR = After action report, LDO!!

So we held a gathering of the Töads and Buffalo burners at the clubhouse in North Buffalo last weekend. This was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants gathering and we got to meet some really cool mofos and work on some shit. Art was inspired. Plans were laid. No animals were hurt in the course of these activities, despite our best efforts.

In attendance was most of the members of Pyromancy, Buffalo’s best professional fire dancing and performance troupe.

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Töads versus the Spectator Society: Lessons Learned at the Belly Dance Saloon

Our friend Chris de la Töad just had a birthday, and the Töad Code commands us to celebrate at times like this. Chris’s understanding wife volunteered to take care of their tadpole for the night, and thus our small group was free to go in search of live girls.

We found ourselves at Habibi of the Nile for Belly Dancing Night.

Belly dancing is the sexiest entertainment that you can talk about openly at family dinners or other family functions, like funerals. Belly dancing appeals to men and women of all ages. Anyone with a spark of life in them has no choice but to enjoy belly dancers.

Joie de belly dance…

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