Töads check out the Buffalo Infringement Festival

The Buffalo Infringement Festival started recently and a few Töads decided to head to Allentown on Saturday, July 25 to check it out. The Infringement Festival is one of our favorite annual art events. Displays and performances are scattered in multiple venues throughout the city. The best part of Infringement is the grassroots, anything-goes vibe to it. The absence of pretension and the organizers’ encouragement to participate without regard for commercial appeal results in multitudes of mind-expanding art exhibits and performances. Witnessing radical self-expression in the streets and venues of our home city is good for the soul.

Unfortunately, for our first trip to Infringement, we arrived a little late and missed many of the scheduled activities. Aside from a few bands on the schedule, the only other thing was the Hoopnosis Fire Fairy Show in Days Park.

After that show, some guy had a projector, speaker and movie screen set up in the park and he used it to show an unscheduled screening of his home movies from his travels in Ecuador.

We’ll be back! Hopefully a little earlier to catch some dance, spoken word, poetry, and maybe an avant garde photography show or something.

For the next week, Infringement is all around us, happening all the time, except after 8:00 PM.

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