Luck of the Töads: At Buffalo’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a crowning moment for Töad Meädow. We finally took the art car to the streets! This was no small feat. Four days before the parade, the art car’s engine blew up. Töads worked tirelessly morning, noon, and night to install a new engine, prepare the trailer, and put finishing touches on the art car, and we made it—Töad Meädow style.

The hard work and all-nighters were worth it. We got the art car to the parade around noon as the Töads hopped in. As we waited to enter the parade, all kinds of people approached to take pictures with the art car. Elderly women, drunken revelers, laughing children, and occupational therapists in dinosaur costumes had the pleasure of rubbing their heads against the zip ties that make up the art car’s fur. Be sure to stick your noggin in the sea of zip ties the next time you see the art car out.

The Baroness was at the wheel once we entered the parade. War Zone entertained the crowd with megaphone chants about Töad Meädow, art, beer and bacon. Julie and Jay carried Töad flags, and the Töad King even managed to get a picture on the semi-famous St. Patrick’s Day couch.

After the parade, we had a choice – go all the way back to City Hall for the truck and trailer, or take the art car to the streets in our own parade and drive it to a nearby storage garage. Of course, we chose to put the art car away Töad Meädow style.

Driving down the streets of Buffalo, we regaled random pedestrians and drivers with compliments and greetings.

If you managed to get any pictures with us or the Art Car, we’d love to see them. Post them to the Töad Meädow page.

Töad Meädow is always looking for new creative type or people willing to help build great projects on the art car. No Experience necessary. Contact us if you like what we do. If you’re shy, then follow us on Facebook or sign up for the mailing list until you work up the courage to reach out. We don’t bite. Don’t you know that töads don’t have teeth?

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