Parade Season Approaches!

There is a bevy of big parades in Buffalo in the near future. Töad Meädow plans to have a strong presence in the Buffalo Saint Patrick’s Day Parade as well as the Dyngus Day Parade. While we’re at it, we may even hit up the Old First Ward Saint Patrick’s Parade, if they’ll have us.

The next two art build weekends will focus on three main goals: completing decorations for the parade floats, early work for planning and building May’s Amphibian 16:1 effigy and solving some technical problems for Bicycle Holocaust.

And by “solving some technical problems,” we mean “figuring out how to reliably ignite thermite, culminating in a test burn where we vaporize an entire bicycle.”

The Art Build Weekends are the backbone of the Töad Meädow mission and are open to all who want to create or help others create. The dates are:

  • February 26-28
  • March 11-13

Leave a note in the comments below or use our contact form if you need to know more. We would love to have you.

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