Haikus a la Carte

So we’re partying at the World Maker Faire and Lisa, rolls up. She’s with The Haiku Guys, sits down with a typewriter and  busts out 4 personal haikus for us.

It was intimate, magical and accurate, in an astrological sort of way.

Following are the haikus received by the various Töads. Much internet appreciation sent to our personal Haikuist Lisa, as well as all the Haiku Guys.

in the dressing room
try out different positions
stretch out the tight spots

wandering tribesman
synched [sic] up on a wide system
wider ancestors

on our lily pads
we don’t see the feathered roots
in the murky lake

burn the bill of rights
we will make it anyway
with duct tape and wire

Three cheers for the fucking haiku guys!!! They made our first night at the world maker faire as memorable as burning an original copy of the Bill of Rights!

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