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Dawn of the Töad King – Official Movie Trailer

Did you know that we have been working on a short surrealistic art film that chronicles the history of the Meädow? We are proud to present the first official trailer for the first film in the trilogy – The Dawn of the Töad King.

We are always looking for acting and filmaking talent. We are especially interested in finding a video editor that shares our artistic vision and would like to contribute their skills. If you enjoy editing videos, please use the contact form and let us know you exist.

Plot Summary:

Once upon a time, the land that is now Töad Meädow was ruled by an evil pig king and his degenerate ape henchmen. In the midst of his spiritual quest to reach enlightenment, the Töad King found the meadow, and knew that it must be liberated for the benefit of his spiritual children.

A great war was fought between the Töads and the pig king. Ultimately, the Töads prevailed and Töad Meädow was born.

Cell Phone Addiction, not Belly Dancers, Will Ignite the Revolution

There is trouble afoot in the Meädow of the Töads. Firstly, there has been a counterrevolutionary coup led by a bourgeois ingrate, “King Töad!” Secondly, this “King Töad” has denigrated our fellow revolutionaries for having the temerity to passively view cultural appropriators masquerading as belly dancers. Well hashtag this, King Töad, you bourgeois bastard! The passive resistance is coming to end your White Russian style counterrevolution!

Friends and comrades: active participation is rubbish! Continue reading

Why do we burn down beautiful things?

Everything is temporary. Eventually, entropy will turn the universe into a pile of goo. The state that your consciousness occupies right this fucking second has changed and is gone by the time you finish this sentence. The cute chicky-snack you met and fell in love with at the bar last night will never call you. The special moments you shared with her are gone.

So why do we spend so much time building intriguing and beautiful works of art, just to watch them be destroyed?

The destruction is a reminder. That amazing sculpture or whatever it is will soon be on fire. So while it exists, you better climb on it, smell it, look at it, take pictures of it, fuck it. Get the most you can out of it. Soak up the experience and artistry. Let it permeate your brain. Because it’s going to burn. You’ll miss your chance. Seize the day. Seize some art. Do some shit.

Or don’t.

You can make the decision not to climb and touch and experience. Use the knowledge of that decision to acknowledge your limitations. The world doesn’t wait for you. You must keep up with the world the best that you can. We all do.

Here today, ashes tomorrow.