Update on art projects and learning new skillz

So far, dozens of man-hours have gone into creating our bitchin art car. We have a 300-watt stereo system and subwoofer (donated by Töad Supreme, Frank Nitty) just waiting to be installed into the car. We have plans for computer-controlled flame effects shooting fireballs into the sky. But the problem remained…how do we fit all that shit into the limited cargo area of the art car? I’ve spent a lot of time just staring at the art car, trying to imagine where I would put the stereo amplifier, the propane tanks, and the batteries to run it all. And let’s not forget about motherfucking Gaia and her weather plans that hardly ever sync up with the human will. In other words, it all had to be designed to not only fit in the available space, but to be relatively weatherproof as well.

So given these constraints, the question was: How do I fit 2 propane tanks, three deep cycle batteries, a subwoofer, speakers, amplifier, electronic controls, safety switches, and circuitry into the back of the car, and will there still be room for bitches? These are the problems that vex an engineer who squandered his time at the University by majoring in the liberal arts. Let’s not forget that we also want to swap out propane tanks once they’re exhausted, and also easily hook up charging cables to recharge the batteries. Oh yeah, and it might rain heavily on whatever it is that you decide. Let’s hope you’re ready.

Fortunately, technology offers a way to experiment. With freely-available 3D modeling software, I was able to model the bed of the art car and all major components. From there, I Computer Modelcould drag the pieces around like a jigsaw puzzle and figure out how to get it all to fit, be accessible to the driver, be easy to charge the batteries, be easy to change fuel tanks, and figure out how to deal with weather.

I owe a debt to all the mofos that came before me, from the theoretical mathematicians that preceded the discipline of computer science, to the programmers that have since created virtual machines and the algorithms that allow me to run those machines and software from the comfort of my Töad Meädow study.

What I’m saying is that I’m two martinis in, I’ve taught myself enough about 3D modeling that I used it to make a plan, and with these tools, I now know exactly what I need to do to make shit happen. Once I get the fucking art car out of the workshop, I can resume working on other projects like artistic metal sperms.

3D modeling is a great tool. And this is how we roll.

We’re always looking for new talent or creative urges. Chances are that we can put you on a path. If you have a vision, contact us, and let’s see if we can make it happen.

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