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Monthly Art Builds: A report on the first two

To further encourage the creation of artistic stupidity, Töad Meädow is now hosting monthly art build weekends. The Töads gather, the workshop is opened and we turn materials into art. You’re invited to work on and collaborate with your own personal project, or you can come and help others’ projects.

We’ve had two very productive art build weekends so far; one in August and one in September. Continue reading

A Prayer to Reality

On individualism and Prometheus

Let these celebrations of reality encompass the manic spasms of a fucked up culture spiraling toward oblivion. May they be a final gasp for fresh air where there is none to be had.

Our mental environment has been overrun by the corporations. The all powerful media. There comes a point where we must ask ourselves, as a species, if we control corporations, or if they now control us? Let us return to the roots of reality and human existence.

Prometheus stole fire from the gods, and gave it to humanity. The gift of fire; the first of our technologies. This gift enabled the escape to individualism — humanity’s independence from the gods of nature.

For this, Zeus sentenced Prometheus to an eternity of avian torture: having his liver pecked out daily by a bird.

The seemingly equal omnipotency nowadays. The pervasive face of advertising and the media; the dead-eyed faces of models you see in print that all look so strangely similar. The creatures you are told to aspire to be. We are not one of them. We don’t want to be one of them. It is time to celebrate individualism without shame.

Now is the time of a new fight. Let us celebrate Prometheus’s sacrifice with liver damage and fire, and claim freedom from our new situationally imposed cultural overlords, these gods of our own making.

Töad Meädow. Possibly your last chance at true freedom within the psychic and physical landscapes that make up our fleeting reality.

On Freedom

Overpopulation; the infinate monkey therom. So spaced out and there ain’t no space? Here at Töad Meädow there is.

Let us rage hard into the darkness and not get lost in the banalities of life, for this is the time of great expression. We cannot lose. There is no reason. There is no lesson. No time like the present.

Do not let the dull lights of comfort and television trap you, for in their warmth is where we shall go to die.

As we spiral outward into reality at a frantic pace we must surrender only to the chaos. To fight the supreme deity that is chaos, is to drink against the grain of the liqueur, and such is not the way.

Horror… Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared.

It is judgment that defeats us.

Freedom from the opinion of others… Freedom from the opinions of yourself.  This is where salvation lies.

To celebrate freedom is the only way to know you have it. Let us celebrate freedom with the great hubris it deserves!

Töad Meädow. Making it happen.