Monthly Art Builds: A report on the first two

To further encourage the creation of artistic stupidity, Töad Meädow is now hosting monthly art build weekends. The Töads gather, the workshop is opened and we turn materials into art. You’re invited to work on and collaborate with your own personal project, or you can come and help others’ projects.

We’ve had two very productive art build weekends so far; one in August and one in September.

Welcome new Töads Jay and Jessica

Jay and Jessica are a husbad and wife power couple that recently moved to Western New York. Jay is a creative and ambitious engineer who had to sell all of his own tools to pay off a gambling debt. He’s overjoyed to put his hands and mind to work once again in the Töad

New and old töads socializing over beers and a campfire.

New and old töads socializing over beers and a campfire.

Meädow workshop.

Jessica teaches teachers how to teach deaf students. In her free time she plays Robin to Jay’s Batman and does her best to make sure they keep out of jail.

Art car redecoration and reëngineering

Debi has a vision for beautifying the Töad Meädow art car and decided to put it into action. We are taking wire mesh and using that to cover the skleton frame. Once that’s on, we will be attaching over 10,000 colored zip ties to form unique visual patterns as well as a tactile journey for anyone that strokes the art car’s zip-tie fur.

Artcar with hair

The progress on the zip ties so far. We will add another 10,000 before calling it complete.

Jessica placing zipties

Jessica meticulously adds more zipties to the skin.

A closeup of the new ziptie fur.

A closeup of the new ziptie fur. 800 so far, and another 10,000 to go!

Debi with zip ties

Debi lovingly clutches yet another package of zip ties.


Jay also started work on a folding jump seat that will provide a spot for more passengers to “safely” ride the art car on its mystical joy rides.

Massage table, Töad Meädow-Style

Sun and Julie started work on building a massage table for the Meädow. Features and details are still sketchy, but I’m sure it will be a great addition once finished.

Sun Measures Massage Table

Sun measures a hapless model to figure good dimensions for the massage table.

Sun and Jules measure massage table

“Measure twice; cut once.” Sun and Jules love to measure things!

Wearable art

Nana conceived of and did most of the work for wearable bandoleers made from empty compressed gas cylinders.

Jules and Nana Drill Gas Cylinders

Jules and Nana drill holes in the gas cylinders.

Completed Bandoleer

World’s coolest fashion accessory? Nana models a completed bandoleer.

Casting faces

In preparation for Amphibian 15:3, happening October 16-18 (Halloween-ish), we are casting all of our friends’ faces in plaster, then will use the molds to create paper reproductions of each persons’ face. These paper busts will then be hung from the Tree of the Dead and burned at the peak of our celebration.

George is cast

It takes 20 minutes for the plaster to cure. We will enjoy burning this face.

Underwater Art

For months the Töad King has dreamed of creating an underwater art exhibit so that only the worthy may experience its majesty. Techno-Töad George happened to bring the perfect parts that solves the trickiest problem of the work: how to get sounds to play underwater. A drum was filled with water, sounds were played and the future of art was born.

Monthly art builds…

We love new people! Join us for the next one. Get in touch via word-of-mouth, or use the contact form on this site.

These monthly art builds will continue for one weekend per month. The workshops will be heated and creations will be created. These are destined to become the backbone of Töad Meädow, giving us plenty of time to socialize and create pieces for the next Amphibian. We invite wannabe Töads on the sidelines to join us. Like us on the facebook page, or join the mailing list (links in the right sidebar) to learn about the next one, which will be in November.

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