November 2015 Art Build Weekend Recap


Seven people came on Friday night. Luckily, the UPS dude had come early and brought with him the supplies to mix up some thermite. Multiple pounds of thermite will be an integral part of the Bicycle Holocaust

sculpture, which is currently a work in progress, but is destined to become Töad Meädow’s flagship art project.

So on Friday night, we mixed up some thermite and burned it to start familiarizing ourselves with this often overlooked artistic medium.

Jameson twists a magnesium ribbon used to light the thermite

Jameson twists a magnesium ribbon used to light the thermite



Thermite burning

Thermite burning

Thermite versus hard drive

A padlock welded to an old hard drive with thermite.

A proper lady wears her best hat to the thermite burn.

A proper lady wears her best hat to the thermite burn.

Beers were drunken and thermite art was made and burned and blowed up.


The Baroness headed up work on her art car beautification project. This is a labor-intensive project that will consume over 12,000 zip ties by the time she is done. The art car will look like a furry hedgehog that you can pet.


Zip Ties as Art

Art car zip tie fur



Zip ties as art

Underneath it all







At a previous art build weekend, Jay the Töad started work on adding jump seats to the art car to increase its passenger capacity. Unfortunately, the seats were not finished yet. But on Saturday, Mark and Melissa showed up in the afternoon and immediately set about to finishing the seats.


Cute girls and Saws Alls

Cutting pieces for extra passenger seats.


Tyler is a the guitarist/vocalist from local band Folkfaces. He had never been to the Meädow, but wanted to check out our scene. Once he got his bearings and was reoriented, he dove right in and helped the Baroness decorate the art car, as well as gathering and cutting up firewood for the bonfire later that night.

Welcome Tyler!

Welcome Tyler!

Sun and Julie continued work on building the Bench of Reformation: A Töad Meädow Massage Table.

Töad Meädow massage table

Sun working on his massage table.

The Töad King did some work on Bicycle Holocaust by cutting a small piece of bicycle frame out to be later filled with thermite and test burned.

cutting bicycle with angle grinder

Cutting a sample piece to test its burning properties.

As the day wound down, Melissa Campbell the Hoop Lady cooked chicken and chuck roast for everyone. Tim stopped by and brought his homegrown fresh vegetables and eggs (still warm from coming out of his chickens minutes before) to complement the meat.

A Töadly Supper

A Töadly Supper

We ate. Then we bonfired. Then we built more art.


Sunday morning started out slow with coffee and breakfast as people woke up. We set out the miniature cardboard bicycles and over breakfast we modeled different configurations for Bicycle Holocaust.

cardboard bicycle model

Modeling the bicycle sculpture


Then it was back to the shop as Mark and Melissa finished the jump seats on the art car.

art car passenger seats

Mark and Melissa on the finished seats

The Baroness worked some more on making the fur.














By now, Tyler was thoroughly bitten by the Töad Meädow bug, and, feeling inspired, he grabbed some junk laying around and made a banjo out of an old paint can and some scraps of wood.

We may or may not have made an explosion happen just to break up the excitement.

It started to get dark (Daylight Savings Time sucks!) and people left.

The end.


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