Töads commission robots to make their art

We all know that the most robots are only interested in destroying civilization and the extermination of the human race. While these goals are laudable, did you know that robots can also be used in making works of art? Even better, this technology is cheap enough to be accessible and it’s easy enough that you can lean the basics with a few hours of study.

 Man and Machine Working Together in Harmony

We heard that there’s now a big, wood-carving robot living in Buffalo and its owner was looking for projects. I happened to have some data files for a bar, and Töad Meädow needs a bar. So I took the files, made some Töadly vector drawings using free software (Inkscape), then emailed my art to robot wrangler Chris Siano. A deal was struck.

This weekend we’ll be going to his shop to have the robot (a CNC router) do all the hard work of cutting and carving the wood for us.

A CNC robotic art creation machine just like the one we will use.

A CNC robotic art creation machine just like the one we will use.

Imagining the possibilities

Now that robots are making our art for us, is this next?

Now that robots are making our art for us, what’s next?

Access to a machine like this gives us so many ideas on how to more easily fabricate elaborate effigies for our Amphibian celebrations.

And since Töad Meädow’s prime directive is to encourage and offer support to local artists, we can also help you get off the ground if you have an idea and would like some help in doing your own designs. If you have questions about software or the process of designing something, leave them in the comments below.

Check it out!

If this intrigues, you, then you should feel free to come on out when our bar is made and see the machine in action. Contact us through the form and we’ll be in touch.

When: Saturday, March 28 at high noon
Where: Buffalo West Side (use the site contact form for details)
What: Robots create and design our bar.

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