Amphibian 15:2

Amphibian 15:2 – Rise of the Töad King

Photos of the Effigy's Construction and Destruction at Amphibian 15:2 in July, 2015.

Photos of activities surrounding the Amphibian 15:2 effigy build and demolition.


After Action Report

Amphibian 15:2 took over the Valley in full force, this time in mid-July.

The weather was pristine once again; right up until two nights after everyone’s departure, when the Meädow, Töad Compound, and Töad Garage were flooded with upwards of 4ft of water and large amounts of debris from the creek. Luckily, many Defenders of the Meadow hopped in post-Amphibian and got it straightened out within the week.

For Amphibian, construction on the looming, thunder-lizard effigy began early Friday, and continued throughout the weekend with töads Fred, Sun, Julie, Dan and Jon welding, hammering, and screwing their way to the top of a beautiful climax that can only be described as “oh god why?”

Kate Tanos of Toronto graced the Meädow with a stop on her transcontinental Hell Blazer tour, setting up her towering flaming carnival hi-striker game to the thrill and enjoyment of all the töads of the Meädow.

Seth Hardy came back in full force with his massive, propane flame cannons controlled by an impressive self-made phone app. This device – the Coatrack – allows users to dial fire patterns as the lay under the cannon’s base, viewing the flames from unprecedented angles. Dragons were glimpsed. Awe and wonder was felt by all who witnessed the glory.

Marissa Lehner loaned us her beautiful and haunting Anima Mundi installation; incorporating light, interactive textiles, and silent reflection. It presented as a truly calming sight from afar, and deeply personal experience up-close, a lovely escape from the often jarring Meädow experience.

Crackerjack set up her infamous booty camp spa area, and booties of all walks of life were alternately abused, and doted on.

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather, including swimming in the creek Saturday and taking an hour-long hike to the beautiful Connoisarauley Creek waterfall Sunday morning.

The art car stayed working in full force throughout the weekend helping to transport the fire, sound, and party where they were most needed.

Shit, once again, got weird quick.

Iason busted out what definitely was not his mother’s full body cheetah suit.

The art car was ridden up to the bridge for a spur-of-the-moment fire and dance party accompanied by the heavy electro blues of RL Burnside, and George’s stompin’ boot-mounted cymbals. Iason was seen cat-slinking across the top of the bridge in possibly one of the sexiest shows of feline prowess ever demonstrated by a turnt half human-half animal being.

George almost died sliding off the hood of the art car on the return trip from the bridge party, but managed to save his beer by not spitting it out of his mouth to yell for help. This writer will personally never forget the look of sheer terror in his eyes and the muffled scream of an alcoholic being forced to choose between their lives, and a quarter-can of warm flat beer. Thankfully, the beer was saved.

As the night moved on, exponential increases of weird were sighted from all sides. The Töad King was forced to call upon the great Thunder Lizard to fly across the Meädow and find the mutant half pig-half toad baby prince threatening his dictator-like hold over the community.

Infants were caged and sacrificed in explosive firework-fuelled spectacles that would have appeased even the most unimpressable of the gods.

The bar was set aflame and the strobe lights and smoke machines illuminated the dance floor creating a rock star-like effect for all non-epileptics who dared to dance in its midst.

So much meat was cooked and eaten all the Canadians went to see their doctors afterwords for free EKGs.

Anyways. See you fuckers this Halloween season- for the upcoming Tree of the Damned.

Already on the path of ultimate destruction- including hundreds of dollars’ worth of neighbouring wheat crops and an assortment of transport methods- this tree was destined from the beginning to get home to its rightful sacrificial meadowland, and now longingly awaits your heads, and souls.

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