Amphibian 15:1 Roundup

Amphibian 15:1 happened in arly May, 2015 and was the first time we got seriously serious about what we do. The weather was perfect throughout and good times were had by me.

Revelers bought a phony currency (“Töad Bucks”) and then wheeled and dealed to earn the most money. Miss Crackerjack won this economic experiment and left for home $150 richer than when she started. Too bad she was mugged while pumping gas in Buffalo.

We had high-tech freakin propane flame effects where you could dial a fire pattern on your cell phone and call it up with Seth Hardy’s badassed app.

Then we had a hiccup with the art car where the boomin’ sound system was not getting enough juice to play music. We hemmed and we hawed. We itched and we scratched. Then we cleaned off the battery terminals and it was back in full furied force.

A few members of the fire performance troupe, Pyromancy stopped by to show off their chops and blow some fireballs.

We had the best effigy so far, as Jail Bait directed construction and provided a grand flaming pair of töads perched atop a lily pad. Multiple people helped in construction, especially “Peacemaker” Kate, Dave Gardner, and Jefferson.

Like a true hoser, crazy Mark from Canadia busted out a Super Soaker® filled with diesel fuel and hosed down the effigy to get the flames roaring.

Then shit got weird. An Iranian nuclear engineer rigged the art car so the flame pipes would stop tipping over.

Someone else set up sound reactive lasers and giant LEDs.

Pickles were electrocuted.

Butter lambs were sculpted, stabbed and then eaten.

Metal was worked and cutted.

And it went on from there.

Here’s a 9-minute video of the highlights.

And here’s some pictures.

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